Dubravko Loborec

Entrepreneur & Software Developer

Unfortunately, my little puppy stopped moving. I was sad, because this electric toy was one of my favorite toys. As I was just amazed with clumsy wagging of his paws on the floor. As much as these movements were not only elegant, in my boy's head it was a real small robot placed in a plastic dog shell.

My father who in the corner of the living room had a desk full of tools, seeing my drama, he took the puppy to try to investigate what happened to him. He took two wires from the table and connected them somewhere in the opening where the batteries was stored. Soon after, suddenly a miracle happened, puppy not only revived, but the movements of his legs were livelier than ever before. It was a miracle!

I believe that everyone has a story, this is the one that took place during my pre-school age and have a strong impact on me. Later I learned to disassemble toys by myself alone, I was very interested to see how things work.

Later with father's help I have managed to make my own transformer, and create a variety of projects. One that I remember is the project of Teslas transformer according to the draft from the magazine Galaksija.

The first computer that I got as a child was the ZX Spectrum. It was in the early '80s, when affordable home computers began to emerge. Of course I was playing games, how I can forget titles like Space Raiders, Penetrator, Pssst, etc., but writing the first simple program in basic, makes me excited even more.

From then until today, I was attractet to solving business problems with the help of the computer. I made numerous programs for different purposes for my customers and for my own company. Because of the ubiquity of the internet today I'm mainly interested in developing Web applications.

Through a combination of knowledge of sophisticated web technologies, the tendency towards design and love of photography, web applications that I create are functional solutions for my customers and their clients, and work makes easier.